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Women Surf Camp = Surf Camp Women

Ok, I may have an “outy” instead of an “inny,” but I’ve sniffed around enough womens surf camp after parties that I can point you in the right direction. “Only women” surf camps have sprung up in Mal Pais, Jaco Beach, Dominical, and Tamarindo. My friend Sherry and three of her girlfriends spent two weeks living in luxury and learning to ride waves with Surf Diva, and they came back so stoked! The only women surf camp experience saves you the stress of dealing with testosterone pumped surfer dudes, and makes learning to surf with your girlfriends stress free. Learning to surf with with a Surf Camp is a great way to introduce you to the sport and when the camp ends, you will feel confident enough to paddle out and keep learning on your own.

Owned and operated by sisters Izzy and Coco, Surf Diva is located in Mal Pais, a beautiful area with long un-crowded beaches perfect for learning the ropes. Safety is always a concern when traveling, especially when traveling, and Costa Rica is much safer than other countries in Central and South America. Learn to surf with a reputable company that have been doing this for years – Surf Diva Surf Camp for Women was originally started in La Jolla, California in 1996 and they have the whole system figured out. The second camp in Costa Rica has been there for about 4 years and you get the whole package including meals, yoga classes, great accommodations, and expert instruction.

Mal Pais has a lot to offer in terms of night-life, a diverse array of restaurants, and super-cool day trips to places like Montezuma and Cabo Blanco National Park. You can’t lose! Trust me, I’ve spent many months camping on those beaches and surfing the breaks in the area. It’s a great vibe for beginners and shredders alike!

Surf Diva isn’t the only game in town, just the one I know best, but there are other surf schools for girls in Costa Rica. Pura Vida Adventures and Kelea Surf camps are both also located in Mal Pais. Both are reputable and worth checking into if you can’t book the Surf Diva’s…

How much does all this tropical luxury cost? Well, I don’t make the prices, but you can expect to pay somewhere in the $2000 range for a week at one of these camps. That being said, you get the full service luxury experience. If you can pre-pay 60 days in advance you get a break on rates… Call your girlfriends…it’s time to start planning! C’mon, don’t make the Tucan wait! Get your plane ticket soon!!!! Did i mention that the wildlife is everywhere there? Oh yeah, monkeys, iguanas, crocs… all kinds of beautiful creatures…

One tip: visit your local surf shop, or call and talk to someone at a surf shop about surf wear for women. Tank top style rash guards with bikini bottoms are now made specifically for surfing by the big surfing companies like Roxy and Billabong. Or, get a comfortable bikini if that’s your style, remember – it has to be comfortable bending and twisting around. Lay flat and jump up a few times to make sure it’s not riding up your buns too much! Get yourself a pair of surf trunks as well… and lastly, make sure there are no snaps, buckles, rings or other decorations that are going to chafe you when you lay flat.

This is a great video posted by the Surf Divas which will give you a good idea of what to expect, but I guarantee you, your expectations will be surpassed! This is just a video..

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