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Vacationing In Jaco Costa Rica

Jaco is a small, vibrant town in Costa Rica and a very popular place for students wanting some fun during spring break or summer vacation. But, not just students. Today, tourists from around the world visit Jaco year-round, though December to May are considered “high season” (the most people, the highest accommodation costs). Whatever month you want to visit, the Jaco area is the place to go for sun, great beaches and activities.

About a two hour drive from San Jose, this bustling town sits on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. For many years, it has been one the most popular beaches in Costa Rica, in large part because of its nightlife. Its reputation as a fantastic “party beach” is now well known.

It wasn’t too many years ago that Jaco was a sleepy little Pacific beach community. Surfers discovered one great surfing beach after another nearby, a laid-back lifestyle, and cheap places to sleep. But, secrets are hard to keep and as word got out, more tourists started flocking to Jaco, looking for great relaxation, peace, and fun. Within the last half dozen years, Jaco has boomed. Where, not long ago, there was a single, quiet (except at night) little road through town, now there are towering high rises, nearby resorts, and lots and lots of restaurants and bars.

The costs of vacationing in Jaco match any budget. Today, you’ll find accommodations catering to the most well-heeled all the way down to those economy budgets (think hostels with cold water—but cheap)! And, of course, there is no lack of choice for eating, partying, or sleeping. You’ll also find those ubiquitous tourist traps where you can shop for that special gift for your (jealous) friends and family who couldn’t make the trip.

Jaco Beach sits directly in front of Jaco and is very, very popular but , in my opinion, nearby beaches just a couple of miles or kilometers away, are much better. There are fewer people and the waters are some of the purest on earth. The best beaches are awarded Blue Flag ecological certifications for cleanliness. When you vacation in Jaco, I strongly recommend going to spectacular Hermosa Beach, a couple of miles south of Jaco. Though it is not good for safe swimming due to its currents, it is pristine and pure with some of the best surfing on the planet. How good is the surfing? Think world class. Indeed, this July professional surfers from more than 35 countries are descending upon Hermosa to participate in a week of world surfing championships. Watch them during the days or party with them at night in Jaco.

There are dozens of different things to do and innumerable places to visit close at hand. Costa Rica is tiny but filled with interesting places and activities. Go whitewater rafting or learn to sea kayak. Take a horseback ride along the beach or through the mountains (if you’re into extreme riding, you can literally ride across Costa Rica from the Pacific to the Caribbean). Visit volcanoes, sit in volcanic hot springs, try rappelling in tropical mountains, go ballooning. Or just sit back and enjoy the great ocean views and beautiful, romantic sunsets. But, take care when swimming. Some of the beaches, wonderful for surfing, can be dangerous for swimming because of riptides. There are no lifeguards—and no warning signs—so ask if it is safe to swim before jumping in.

Consider chartering a boat for a trip to Costa Ricas world-famous fishing grounds. Huge marlin that can swim 70 miles an hour and leap 10 feet from the water await. Sometimes the schools of tuna or sailfish are thick. Whales travel from Antarctica to breed in the warm waters—as do their cousins from the Arctic. Think you came a long way? Imagine swimming thousands of miles!

Though it is easy to reach by air, Costa Rica remains to be discovered. Columbus was the first to find it and, indeed, gave it its name “Rich Coast.” It remains a spectacular haven with one-fifth of every species of plant and animal on the planet residing together in a tiny little country. So, don’t limit yourself to the beaches of Jaco. There’s lots more waiting.

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