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Costa Rica Surf Spots

Costa Rica’s Best Surf spots are shown here, but there are many more places to surf that aren’t on the Costa Rica Surf Map. Fortunately, the opportunity for discovery still exists for any surfer who wants to get off the beaten path and find that remote beach, reef, or point break. Keep reading, maybe I will give you a few clues…

Costa Rica surf is generally mellower than places like Indo or Hawaii and so on, but, believe me, it gets good here, just like everywhere else. I’ve been scared for my life at least once surfing in Costa Rica. If you are looking for big heavy hero waves and you are a seasoned surfer who wants to charge— keep reading, there a couple places for you. If you just want a nice overhead beachbreak to practice your cutbacks and get a barreled, we’ve got it. If you’re learning, you’ve come to the right place.

I have been just about everywhere in this beautiful country, and I can tell you that the surf really ranges from coast to coast, and depending on the time of year. Keep reading and you’re going to find out everything you need to know before you book you plane ticket. CRSG.

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