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Santa Teresa Costa Rica

The town of Santa Teresa Costa Rica is about 15 minutes north of Mal Pais. The first time I did the drive, there wasn’t much along the dirt road that takes you there as you travel north from Playa Carmen. In fact, I once had to walk the road in the blazing midday sun with nothing on my feet, no water, no money… I ended up with sun stroke and a burn to match. There just wasn’t anything on the road back then.

Now, businesses have sprung up all along the road and you can find all kinds of cool, interesting places to stop and eat, shop, stay and hang out. La Lora is the hot spot at night in Santa Teresa where you can play pool, dance, and unwind.

Santa Teresa Surf is heavier and more suited to intermediate to expert surfers. The beach itself is steeper, and not so good for learning if the waves get overhead. Santa Teresa used to be a dirt road down to the beach that I would always drive past by accident. Now theres everything right there; surf camps, restaurants, camping, accommodations and surf shops where you can get custom made boards, get ding repair and everything else surf related. I recommend Santa Teresa Surf Camp (Spanish lessons offered as well) for lessons and surf camps. One of the most exclusive resorts in the country is located in Santa Teresa, which has definitely increased traffic and exposure to this once unheard of surfing secret.

Santa Teresa is a Surf Town with a great community of locals (Tico’s) and Ex-pats who have started their businesses here. It’s just far enough away from civilization, but still has everything you will need, and even luxury accommodations and spa treatments if you can afford it. But don’t fret if you can’t, you will be just as happy in your tent, waking up to perfect uncrowded waves every day.

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