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Playa Avellanas

Playa Avellanas Costa Rica is a beautiful white sand beach in a protected area located just north of Playa Negra and South of Tamarindo, access is by a dirt road from the small town of Huacas. There are few services and amenities available here, so most people stay in one of the aforementioned spots and do the short drive here to surf. Playa Avellanas is one of my favorite beaches to surf in Nicoya, and if you are like me and prefer to surf in areas that are a bit more remote feeling - away from all the surf lessons, surf camp crowds and noisy Tamarindo party scene - you will love it here. There are great accommodations right behind the beach called Cabinas Las Olas which were built about 7 or 8 years ago. Cabinas Las Olas have built a boardwalk which takes you through the mangrove reserve, where you can see monkeys, raccoons, and an enormous variety of birds and other native species on your way to the waves.

The south part of the beach (south of the rivermouth) offers plenty of rights and lefts, and you can usually take over a peak with you and a few friends. There are rocky outcroppings which form little reefs dispersed along the beach which helps to define the surf spots. Waves here get hollow and perfect and you should be able to get barreled if the conditions come together - offshore with a chest–head high swell - so make sure you wake up and get on it. This is a good reason to stay at the hotel right there - you will get an hour in before everyone arrives from Playa Negra and Tamarindo.

The north end of the beach has a rivermouth with an rock bottom outside reef break called “Little Hawaii.” This setup gets its name from the fast hollow waves that peel off here at low tide on a west or northwest swell. This is a good place for longboarders…. On good days it gets a bit more crowded here than the rest of the beach and shortboarders can have a tougher time getting waves.

Playa Avellanas hotels are great places to stay and surf if you are looking for a more relaxed, less party oriented surf trip, with close access to some of the best breaks like: Playa Grande, Playa Negra, and Langosta. With so many setups right on your doorstep though, you might as well just stay put - multiple rights and lefts over sand or rock reef, high tide and low tide breaks, and “Little Hawaii” just a short walk up to the rivermouth.

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