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Pavones is one of those surf spots that almost has attained legendary status. Watch the video below and you will start to see why. Its pretty big in this video, bigger than i have ever surfed it. I haven’t been there for about 10 years, the last few times i went to Costa Rica it just didn’t work out, but heres how it went for me:

We drove to Pavones one night, leaving from Playa Negra and driving straight for about 12 hours. My insane friend Yazzy managed to nearly kill the whole truckload of us a few times with his pot-hazed “balls to the wall” driving, but in the end we got off easy with just two flat tires. The road was pretty tragic between Dominical and our destination- a downed guava tree, parts where the pavement suddenly ended with no warning, and tons of wash-outs and pot-holes. Once there, we camped next to the river that empties out into the lineup. Unfortuantely, you wont be able to do this because there is no camping allowed. The only reason we could get away with putting up tents and cooking over an open fire was because we were traveling with a couple of local guys who made it OK for us.

We surfed it about head high for three or four days, and with only a handful of people. The first peak is outside of the rivermouth, and then six or seven more peaks as the wave wraps around, seemingly defying any rules of logic or physics. It’s an incredibly beautiful spot, very lush and green, and pretty OK vibe. Basically, there’s not that much to say, it’s a perfect wave. The only question is: can you get there fast enough? There is a new surf camp/ surf lodge there now which is a great addition to the local infrastructure for surfers.

Pavones is a smaller town, but there are places to stay and a cool restaurant/bar overlooking the waves. It’s a bit out of the way, but there are some cool things to do there like visit the nearby waterfall, and check out Zancudo, a secluded beachbreak just north a bit. You will avoid the Jaco Beach type crowds by heading this far south..

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