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Nosara Surf

The jungle/beach town of Nosara is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Costa Rica. Surf is very consistent and Nosara has begun to develop quickly. Nosara hotels, restaurants and business are spread out over several miles amongst jungle foliage. A contingent of ex-pat residents here are trying to keep development to a minimum, so the area is way less developed than areas like Tamarindo and Jaco Beach. There are three main beaches in the area: Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada and Playa Ostional - where the waves get hollow and perfect! Small beach communities are nestled along these three main beaches.

Ostional Wildlife Refuge, which stretches for 15km from the northern end of Playa Ostional to the southern end of Playa Guiones is home to howler monkeys, iguanas, pizotes, and colorful birds. The protected are stretches 200m beyond the beach out into the water.

Playa Guiones: A 6 km stretch of white sand beach where you can find most of Nosara’s hotels, restaurants and businesses, where most visitors end up spending the bulk of their stay. The south end of the beach has great tide pools for snorkeling – don’t miss it! Playa Guiones is a perfect beach for learning to surf – you can get an hour from one of the local shops like Coconut Harry’s or Nosara Surf Shop for $30/hr. If the swell is good, experienced surfers can surf here or head for hollower waves at nearby Playa Ostional.

Playa Pelada: Nosara’s treasure. Not everyone goes to the trouble of finding this beach, which is fine with me. It is in my opinion the most beautiful place in the area. No real surfing here – but a great place to walk, relax, read and enjoy nature. On the right tide, there’s a natural blowhole that shoots a jet of seawater up into the air. Olga’s Bar is the place to mix it up with locals, tourists and ex-pats.

Playa Nosara: Beautiful Black sand beach streches from Playa Ostional to Boca Nosara (rivermouth). You will find find locals fishing the rivermouth, which is backed by a lush mangrove estuary, where you can do kayak tours to check out the birds and all that jazz (haven’t done this – but have done similar kayak tour in Mexico). Playa Nosara Surf can get decent and you can find a peak to yourself or take lessons without crowds hassling you.

Playa Ostional: Now we’re talking. This long black sand beach provides the setting for the best waves in the area. When it gets hollow here, you won’t find a much better beach break anywhere in Costa Rica. Playa Ostional is located just north of Playa Nosara. Ostional is probably known to most as one of Costa Rica’s most important turtle nesting sites. Olive Ridley turtles have been arriving by the thousands to come ashore and lay their eggs here for as long as anyone can remember. This week-long event is called an arribada and is most likely to occur between July and December. To find out more, contact the ADIO office in Ostional at (506)682-0470. Surf trips can be somewhat empty, self-indulgent adventures if you don’t nurture your spirit by seeking out some of the country’s natural wonders.

Nosara Yoga: What better place to engage you mind, body and spirit? If you are spending some time here, take a few Yoga classes – a great way to break up you surf sessions and other activities. You can attend public Yoga classes through the Nosara Yoga Institute, the Harmony Hotel’s Healing Centre, or KayaSol. Nosara Yoga Institute also offers intensive training for Yoga instructors… Tel 2-682-0071.

Nosara Surf Shops:

Juan Surfo’s Shop, Guiones, offers surf rentals and surf lessons. Tel 2-682-1081.

Pancho’s Surf Shop, Playa Pelada, Custom shapes by Steve Dunham, local legend who bagan shaping in Huntington Beach CA, later moved to Hawaii in the 60’s and shaped for Country Surfboards, Dick Brewer, Lightning Bolt, and others. Steve can shape you a killer Longboard, shortboard, retro fish, or balsa board. Pancho’s is a cool spot and a great opportunity to meet surfing legend Steve Dunham. Tel 2-682-0591.

Coconut Harry’s, Guiones offers Board Rentals & Lessons and all the trimmings. A full service surf shop. Tel 2-682-0574.

Nosara Surf Shop, Guiones carries surfboards, offers surf rentals and is a full service surf shop. They also do ATV rentals—get to the waves fast! Tel 2-682-0486.

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