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Dominical Surf - Costa Rica’s Sleepy Surfing Hide-away.

The sleepy town of Dominical sits nestled where the Talamanca mountain range plunges into the Pacific. Waterfalls spill over onto the beaches, and the waves lap up the fresh water with vigor. Dominical is accessible by a dirt and gravel road from Manuel Antonio - about an hours drive, which is then paved all the way to San José. You can drive in, just prepare for less than ideal road conditions. I’ve done the drive from Jaco Beach at night, and got two flat tires on the way. You can also get a quick shuttle flight into nearby Quepos with SANSA or NatureAir. Dominical is about 45 minutes south of the town of Quepos.

Playa Dominical offers up some fairly powerful beach break with lefts and rights. It’s a pretty consistent break, best at mid to high tide. The northern end of the beach is handles bigger sets and the southern is a bit mellower. So, better for intermediate surfers. The wave is comparable to Playa Hermosa, although not quite as steep, to the north about 2 hours or more… That being said, these are performance waves and you can push your limits here when the swell hits. You can expect mellower crowds and a more relaxed overall vibe at the Domincal surfing beaches.

When the swell gets bigger, Playa Dominical beach break closes out. When this happens you can still find surf just to the south at the point break. The point there is capable of handling waves when everything else in the area is closed out. Serious surfers come here to challenge themselves and avoid the Hermosa crowds.

The Dominical surf vibe is more relaxed and this small laid back town offers all kinds of places to eat, bars, and a pretty fun nightlife. All this nestled in a lush tropical rainforest setting, on the edge of a beautiful, pristine coastline. What else do you want?

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