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Sharkwater - Rob Stewart’s Sobering Film about the Shark Fin Trade

The film Sharkwater is a bit of buzz kill for those of us who would like to think of Costa Rica as paradise, where everything lives in peaceful harmony. Nonetheless, I urge you to watch this film so that you can have a better understanding of humanity, nature, and our role as the stewards of this planet. Unfortunately, as the film exposes the horrific shark fishing practice called “finning,” it becomes blatantly obvious that we still have tremendous progress to make a species. The Costa Rica shark finning industry must be stopped before we lose this incredibly important apex predator.

Shark “finning” is a term used to describe the process of catching sharks, removing the fins while the shark is still alive, and then dumping the incapacitated still living body overboard to die. The product? Shark fin soup - a delicacy in Japan. While people chow down, these prehistoric apex predators of the worlds oceans are disappearing at an alarming rate. The balance of an entire ecosystem is threatened as we speak. I’m talking about you and I. Everything will suffer if the sharks are wiped out. Watch the film, I posted a YouTube clip from the Sharkwater movie in another post for you.

Click the image below to buy Sharkwater - Rob Stewart has finally brought the shark fin trade under scrutiny with his award winning film. Get Your Copy of the
Sharkwater DVD
and find out more about how Costa Rica fits into the picture.

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