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I want to take a senior trip to Costa Rica for a month?

Two of my friends and I want to take our senior trip to Costa Rica. Both of them have been on trips there before, but only for a week and with their families. We all surf and are looking forward to the new culture. I would be flying out of Norfolk International. We want to live on a relativly small budget(no expensive hotels or meals). I heard somewhere that in places you are allowed to pitch tents on the beach for free. Is this true? I love to eat and would eat 2-3 meals a day with some snacks thrown in. What should we plan on spending without airfare? Any help is much appreciated

Sean is correct, you cant camp in many places, and I would be a little concerned about security.

You can rent a dump VERY cheaply…. it would be hot, no A/C, etc… you get what you pay for… but at least you have a door to lock… and in many cases, it will still be ocean front. Your lodging could be as low as $600 for the month (total for all three of you, $200pp)

That being said, when I go to Pavones, I always see a few brave people camping on the beach… so it can be done.

Personally, I would be miserable camping on the beach. After a full day of surfing, it is nice to be able to take a SHOWER, play some cards in my air conditioned room, and sleep in a comfortable bed. With air conditioning.

Three people should be able to get a very nice hotel for $1500/month ($500 each) so that really should be do-able.

For under $1,000.00 pp you should be able to easily eat for a month and stay in descent lodging.

With surfboards you probably would want to rent a SUV (unless you want to try a bus) which will cost another $500pp.

Also dont forget the airline will make you pay $50-$75 each direction for your surfboards.

Have FUN!

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