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Warning! Surfboard Baggage Fees Doubled on Most Airlines.

Watch out! The airlines are out to fuck you in orifices you didnt even think you had.

Here’s the dirt. As of July 2008, many major airlines changed their oversize baggage fees accross the board. If you have traveled before, you are used to spending $50–$75 each way for your surfboard, including double boardbags with two surfboards. Thing have changed baby. Now you really have to figure the cost of bringing your boards with you into the overall cost of your trip. Whereas before, surfboard baggage fees were an afterthought, now you need to almost double the cost of your plane ticket.

Example: I paid $515.00 for my ticket to Puerto Vallarta this over the holidays 2008-2009. My surfboard (a 6′2″ Santa Cruz epoxy piece of shit I got for $350) ended up costing $613.25. It doesn’t take a mathematician to see that my surfboard cost more than I did. Ridiculuos, but I will expand on that in a minute and give you full story.

What to do:

1. Find the cheapest flight to wherever you are going. I use

2. Go to that airlines website and navigate to the oversize baggage fee page.

3. check the price for a single surfboard, and see if the charge for two boards in one bag (doubleboardbag).

4. Is your flight international? Anything outside the contiguous USA will have higher rates (double).

5. Decide if you really want to pay hundreds of dollars more, or just get a board when you get there.

Heres the short version of what I just went through on a trip to Mexico. I showed up at LAX, ready to pay up to $75 each way. NOPE. the Delta ticket agent told me my single 6′2″ in a single boardbag would cost $300 round trip. My fiancée and I were shocked. We were assured that this was the sum total of the charges we would incurr. Dismayed, my girl handed over our credit card and paid. Two weeks later, upon return from Puerto Vallarta, the mexican Delta ticket agent demanded another $300. I showed our receipt which I had not really looked at, but kept safe the whole trip as per my instructions from the Delta agent back in Los Angeles. “Only covers one way,” said the Mexican Delta agent. We went crazy. No manager. No recourse. Even though we had been told $300 was all we would pay, our receipt said “LAX to PVR.” We were advised to pay another $300 and take it up with Delta customer service after returning home. more…

So, its been a month of phone calls, emails, and so on. No refund after thoroughly explaining how we were misguided. It’s been really unpleasant dealing with Delta. The truth is, they are a huge corporation that would rathe rkeep your $300 that ever have your business again; which they definitley won’t. Currently my bank has credited me the $300 and are negotiating on my behalf. if thaht doesn’t work, we will be taking them to small claims court. I will update a post with that info when it happens.

The message here is still this: Check with your airline. International surfboard baggage fees are out of control. Don’t get stuck paying $600 for a surfboard like I did. Not all airlines are as bad, you might get it for $300 round trip on some, but I can tell you, Delta Air Lines will happily rape you for $600, which is probably more than you will pay for your seat ticket. Fuck them. I hate them. Be warned.


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